Created especially for your canine family members.

Dogs require very specific proportions of meat protein, organ meat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, seeds, fresh produce and carbohydrates. All Bismark’s Bistro meals are grain free and proportioned as follows:

45% Pure proteinwhole meat (fish/chicken/beef/pork)
10% Organ meat (heart/kidney/liver)
30% Vegetables (seasonal vegetables)
5% Legumes (chickpeas/beans/lentils)
5% Fruit (seasonal fruit)
5% Seeds/Herbs/Cottage cheese/Eggs and shell/Turmeric/Coconut and seed oils  

*Fresh food deliveries to the Western Cape only; dry treats can be posted nationwide*

Normal orders for the same week’s delivery close on Mondays as we start to prepare fresh ingredients on a Sunday and package individual orders on a Monday. All deliveries are done on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Orders placed from Tuesdays will only be delivered the following week. We service the Western Cape areas and surrounds.

BISMARK’S BISTRO is for all the gorgeous dogs out there whose hard-working parents just don’t have the time to cook them something healthy to eat.  We deliver fully cooked meals or food toppers that can be added to a current diet for extra nutrition. Our products are formulated by a registered animal nutritionist.  The deliciously steamed menu provides your pet with real fresh human grade ingredients in exact portions to help with weight issues and sensitive digestion systems. Your dog will receive his customized order at the door with our super friendly delivery service on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Order a set menu or select some ingredients from the Build your own section. For super sensitive tummies or for those that are not feeling too well, we can custom make a menu and deliver it to wherever they are, at home or at the hospital. For private school dogs, we make frozen lunch box meals to make school days super easy. We also stock a healthy range of dehydrated furry chews which are excellent for dogs that are prone to pancreatitis. Our passion is to help dogs with alternative healthy ingredients so that they can thrive and look and feel better. We approach this in the same manner as our own human diets: Eat fresh and balanced and avoid processed products. Browse our shop to see what healthy alternatives we offer. 

Sign up for a subscription automated delivery service and receive a KOOSHTY Bamboo lunchbox FREE! 

Healthy Alternative

It might be posh to buy your dog his own tubs of food from your beloved supermarket, but the ingredients need to be read carefully, as even the best looking tubs are filled with fillers and nasty preservatives. Anything that stands on a shelf contains preservatives and chemicals to keep the product from going rancid. These ingredients can cause skin irritation, itchiness and hot spots, sore tummies and bad breath. Not to mention the long term effects such as irregular bowel movements, tumors, depression or liver problems. 

Grains and wheat in its most natural form is needed to keep your dog’s heart muscles healthy. Grains provide protein and fatty acids, which are important for cognition, heart health, and immune functioning, along with promoting healthy skin and fur. Processed and dry foods are packed with synthetic carbohydrates and highly processed grains, which can make loosing weight nearly impossible. The most natural source of carbohydrates for your dog is sweet potatoes, bulgur wheat and starchy vegetables. Processed grain allergies show up with symptoms such as itchy skin, dry/ flaky skin, hair loss, bumps/rash, chronic ear infections, obsessive licking/chewing of feet, inflamed, red paw pads and gastrointestinal upset. 

We liaise with an animal nutritionist and vet and have registered our food with DAFF. We are awaiting our final documentation so that we can update our labels. Our food have been through extensive lab tests to ensure that they are balanced and complete, without the addition of harmful chemicals, additives or supplements. Only good, pure ingredients of the best quality. Pure ingredients of a high quality in a balanced formula (according to AAFCO standards) does not need to be supplemented in any way. 

We are also able to grind any of the meals for your old dog or puppy to a finer consistency at no additional cost. Just make a note on your order or send us a message.

    Bismark’s Story

    My husband and I decided not to have children and so Bismark, our mini schnauzer boy, is the child spirit in our house. We got him in 2014 and even took maternity leave to celebrate his new life! But in December 2017, at the age of three and a half, he was diagnosed with genetic heart disease. We were devastated.

    The prognosis was very poor and according to the vet, the only way to save him was with emergency open heart surgery, at a cost of R45 000! The vet didn’t have any information about healthier diet options, and warned that any squirrel hunting or running on the beach – the two things Bismark loves most – could result in sudden death.

    How does it work?


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    Book a consultation with Dr Monica

    A Mobile Vet that comes to your sick dog at home (Cape Town surrounds): Dr Monica Burger qualified from Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, Pretoria in 2015. She completed her community service year with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and moved to Cape Town at the end of 2016. She is a companion animal general practitioner veterinarian, and has a special interest in dermatology and food allergies. She is having great success in treating patients with special nutritional needs.  For a consultation with Doctor Monica, please contact her at 082 072 6299.

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