Bismark’s Angel Meals- The Last Meal for Dogs

Bismark’s Angel Meals- The Last Meal for Dogs


When the difficult decision finally arrives to end your best friend’s suffering, give him one final gift before saying goodbye — the meal of his dreams. Have a private little dinner party for him before it is time to go.

We have carefully put together Bismark’s Angel Meals which includes our favourite food items: Cottage Pie, Ice cream, Bacon or Chicken Burger, Ostrich treats and Soup.

Use this mealtime to tell him what’s happening, explaining that you don’t want him to suffer any more, and you have decided to accompany him to the entrance to the Rainbow Bridge so he can walk on to his next adventure and chase squirrels there. When it’s time to go, be brave and encouraging to him, reminding him of the next adventure on his path. Show him your gratitude by thanking him for his friendship and unconditional love. Take some “me” time for yourself afterwards and remember all the good times. Your spirits will always be connected when he’s gone.

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