Chicken/Fish/Pork/Beef Dog Meal Boxes Subscription Order

Chicken/Fish/Pork/Beef Dog Meal Boxes Subscription Order

From: R49.00 every 2 weeks

Food is packed according to your dogs weight. For dogs suffering with weight problems food can be calculated to help your dog lose or gain weight. This product is discounted on subscription for automatic delivery every 2 weeks.

One box contains 14 bags of food. Your dog should eat two full bags of food per day if he only eats from our Bistro. Bismark’s Bistro can be served on its own (14 bags will be 7 days’ worth of food if your dog eats twice daily), or as a topping over dry dog food to give your dog some variety and real nutrition.  Some clients prefer to serve the existing diet (even raw) with a Bistro bag every other day for added nutrition. Bags can be frozen and naturally thawed.

Select your menu option and dog’s weight below to calculate the price for the amount of 14 bags of food. 


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Dog weight (in Kg)

Add Biscuits, Add Wheatfree Biscuits, 5-6 Kg, 6-7 Kg, 7-8 Kg, 8-9 Kg, 9-10 Kg, 10-11 Kg, 11-12 Kg, 12-13 Kg, 13-14 Kg, 14-15 Kg, 15-16 Kg, 16-17 Kg, 17-18 Kg, 18-19 Kg, 19-20 Kg, 20-21 Kg, 21-22 Kg, 22-23 Kg, 23-24 Kg, 24-25 Kg, 25-26 Kg, 26-27 Kg, 27-28 Kg, 28-29 Kg, 29-30 Kg, 30-31 Kg, 31-32 Kg, 32-33 Kg, 33-34 Kg, 34-37 Kg, 37-40 Kg, 40-43 Kg, 43-46 Kg, 46-49 Kg, 49-55 Kg, 55-60 Kg, 60-70 Kg, 70+ Kg

Menu Option

Bone shaped Biscuits-Pumpkin and Peanut Butter, Bone shaped Biscuits-Wheat Free Pumpkin and Peanut Butter, Training Biscuits-Apple and Carrot, Chicken, Fish, Pork and Beef Menu, Chicken, Pork and Beef Menu, Chicken, Pork and Fish Menu, Fish, Pork and Beef Menu, Chicken Menu, Fish Menu


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