Ostrich and Rabbit Treats

Ostrich and Rabbit Treats


Rabbit liver is a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. Rabbit ears assist in improving dental hygiene. The fur provides dietary fiber and act as a natural dewormer. Great chews for sufferers of allergies or sensitive stomachs.

100% Natural ostrich treats are grain, soy, salt and allergen-free. No artificial preservatives or colourants. The products are fully traceable as it originates from one source.

Ostrich Cat Biltong. They are soft treats and can be enjoyed by kittens and Cats of all ages. They are ideal to snug in that medication which they don’t want to take without any bribing. 100% natural and real ostrich meat is used to produce these treats. These bites are smoked, to give that extra bit of deliciousness.

Bismark’s Mini Treat Box for dogs contains 500g of ostrich titbits and pieces.

Bismark’s Small Treat Box for dogs contains 7 treats: 1 x wheat free biscuits, 1 x rabbit livers, 1 x ostrich titbits, 1 x sosatie, 2 x twistees, 1 x semi-moist ostrich bites, 1 x semi-moist ostrich sticks.

Bismark’s Large Treat Box for dogs contains 13 treats: 3 x packets of biscuits, 5 x rabbit ears, 1 x rabbit livers, 1 x ostrich gula, 1 x windpipe, 1 x titbits, 1 x sosatie, 2 x twistees, 1 x long tendon, 1 x semi-moist ostrich bites, 1x semi-moist ostrich sticks.


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Dehydrated Rabbit Liver 100g, Dehydrated Rabbit Ears (5 per Packet), Dehydrated Ostrich Windpipe Each, Dehydrated Ostrich Gula Each, Dehydrated Ostrich Sosatie Each, Dehydrated Ostrich Titbits (5 per Packet), Dehydrated Ostrich Long Tendon Each, Dehydrated Ostrich Twines (2 per Packet), Semi Moist Ostrich Bites, Semi Moist Ostrich Sticks, Treat Box Large, Treat Box Small, Ostrich Cat Biltong, Treat Box Mini


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