Puppy and Kitten Meals

Puppy and Kitten Meals


Welcome Puppy and Kitty

To transition your puppy or kitten from his existing diet from the breeder, you need to do the transition very slowly to reduce the chances of an upset tummy. We recommend milk kefir with live probiotics to assist with the transition stage.
DAYS 1-3: 25% Bismark’s Bistro, 75% Current food
DAYS 4-7: 50% Bismark’s Bistro, 50% Current food
DAYS 8-10: 75% Bismark’s Bistro, 25% Current food
DAY 11: 100% Bismark’s Bistro
Transition is complete.

Welcome Meal Box for Puppies
Contains 14 x variety packs of chicken, pork, beef and fish with healthy vegetables and fruit. If you would prefer to start your pup on one protein, or for us to add some rice, please leave a comment at check out in the block.

Welcome Meal Box for Kittens
For your kitty, try delicious fish, chicken and turkey meals. We include 9 x 100 gram tubs from our menu. If you would prefer to start your kitten on one protein, or if you would prefer mousse or added rice, please leave a comment in the notes section at checkout. We also include a sample of our dehydrated ostrich liver which is a delicious treat for cats.

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