This is next level dog food.

Such a well thought out concept, we loved everything about it. The packaging starts off with a big cooler, wrapped with a bowtie ribbon and topped with a menu. When you open it, is speaks of passion and pride. It is clear that the food was put together by someone who did their research in dog nutrition and with a high regard to cold chain and food hygiene.

Inside is a personalised, hand-written note. Each meal is individually packaged with clear instructions and markings. I love how all the ingredients are fresh, not fresh like what they say on the dry food bags, but actual chunks of professionally cut fresh ingredients. It’s not just the food, but the little extra bits that come with it, the sunflower seeds sprinkle, the omega oil supplements, the added fibre and fresh lentil sprouts. Yes, actual lentils sprouts!

You get the impression the menu was designed by a dietitian; with just the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and proteins, and conscious of good fats, bad fats and fibre. It certainly made me question my own diet.

What made this special for us is the customisation of the box. We have an allergy prone dog that often gets symptoms of irritations in her ears, many parts of her skin and eyes. We’ve also had issues with constipation that made us jump from one brand of dog food to the next. The problem with most dog food is, you never REALLY know what’s in your puppers food. With Bismark’s we could physically see every single ingredient. This eliminates the guessing game and the constant idea of what to feed her that will help. Our vet recommended to increase her veggie and fibre intake. Problem is, most people don’t know how to do this, or even have the time to research, cook and balance their pup’s meals.

We listed our dog’s preferences and specified her allergies of chicken and corn, then got recommendations and alternate protein sources. We specified our dog has skin allergies and mild irritations, and for this got fish oil supplements and a weekly buchu soap. It is really well thought out. I was surprised with the big chunks of fish and beef, not to mention the veggies we thought our dog would never eat. She finishes every last piece in her bowl and always gives it a second once over to make sure.

We noticed a change in our dog on day 2, her skin got better, she seemed less irritable with less licking, scratching and shaking her head, her eyes got clearer, her breath smelled cleaner and her mealtimes became more regular, and so did her poops. The most remarkable change was in her more consistent energy levels.

This food is perfect for anyone who regards their dog as more than just a dog and more so a part of the family. If your dog has any medical conditions or if simply you want to preserve the wellbeing of your dog. This food offers immediate and visible improvements to their health.

Food fit for a king, or a princess, as is the case with our Maggie 🙂

Riaan Burger