I ordered for the first time, almost a week ago and I have pups who are extremely fussy eaters. After the third night of feeding them these extremely nutritious meals, they went back to their bowls twice after finishing their meal, in search of more food which is very uncommon for them. The owner was extremely accommodating in assisting me to place my order, and the service was very friendly. The packaging and overall presentation was impeccable and delivery was on time as promised. I’m extremely happy to continue feeding my pets their products as they enjoy it, the meals are freshly prepared with no preservatives and much of the nutritional value still in tact. If you are trying to transition your pet from a different type of diet, their boxes come with specific instructions to guide you on how this can be done successfully. If you want to feed your pet a highly nutritious meal, this is one product I would strongly suggest.

Melissa Abrahams